Empire Avenue Drives Social Media Strategy

Empire Avenue is a new online Stock Market Game driven by your strength in social media. The better you do in Empire Avenue, the stronger your online brand is. Your brand is what drives your online success and capability of making money online. If you don’t have a brand built, don’t worry. You just … [Read more...]

Jim Tressel out at Ohio State Football

Jim Tressel announces his resignation this morning in an effort to save the school from disciplinary actions from the NCAA. The superstar from Ohio State is now the sacrificial lamb, but the NCAA should clearly not allow the school to get away with this. The Athletic Director and even the School … [Read more...]

Stephane Kerwer of Dukeo Offers Caricature

Stephane Kerwer is the Entrepreneur behind Dukeo.com. While he hasn’t had the site up that long, he’s been extremely successful at generating traffic to his site. He’s done it through marketing strategies that are somewhat unique to Internet Marketers. His strategy of creating caricatures of the … [Read more...]