Defining Your Blog

Defining your blog the way you want is critical to your success. Controversial subjects are often better than subjects that appease to everyone. A blog is defined by what you think. It's opinion and it's meant to evoke emotion. You might find this hard to believe, but it's good to have readers … [Read more...]

Meetups, Learning and More

Today, I'm off to Chicago where I will spend time at Shareasale learning more about how I can take my online marketing strategy to the next level. After that, I'm off to the Affiliate Summit Meetup, where I'll connect with Affiliate Marketers, hopefully making some new alliances. I enjoy this trip … [Read more...]

Apple or PC? Tide Is Changing Again

Apple or PC? Apple has dominated the market, but will they continue or is the reign once again coming to an end? Quite a few people have invested in Apple products from the iPad, iPhone, Mac Book Air, Mac Book Pro and Mac Mini. Still consumers and businesses are buying new products everyday and … [Read more...]

Writing About The Right Topic

Blogging to Make Money Online is writing about the right topic. Literally, the choice that you make when you write each article will mean the difference for you getting paid to write it, or simply expressing yourself. Let me give you an example, I write a simple review of what's coming up on a show … [Read more...]