Upgrading My Laptop

It's time to update my Laptop getting one that is lighter, has more power and is convenient for Blog World and Affiliate Summit type conferences. I'm just not sure what to get. Have you looked at upgrading to a new laptop lately? I'm having a difficult time deciding with so many choices … [Read more...]

Zuckerberg to IPO Facebook

Rumor has it that Facebook will file for an IPO. They are nearing 500 shareholders which require public reporting so Mark Zuckerberg is finally willing to reap the benefits from doing the IPO. Impressive is the run this 27-year-old has done with the eight year old company. When Facebook IPO’s the … [Read more...]

Post Clear Simple Purposeful Content

A simple blog post that's clear with purpose will cause readers to return often. Communicating your idea immediately in the first paragraph sets the tone for the rest of the post, while confirming that you have the right information for your audience. Originally, I believed that stating my purpose … [Read more...]

Blogging on a Budget

You can start blogging literally for little or no money at all. A small investment gets your own piece of online real estate with a domain name and a web hosting account.  If you already have a website, a blog is the most important marketing tool you can add, preferably under your same domain or web … [Read more...]