90 Days to 100k per Month!

In just three short months, my latest blog went from registering the domain to over 100,000 visitors in the third month alone! That might not impress some of you, but it will when you discover that over 80% of that traffic originated in natural search and the remaining traffic came via social media.

I would like to say that this was my first go at blogging, it wasn’t. I’ve worked at building a strategy for several years. I’ve listened to a few people who weren’t worth listening to and it cost me a lot of money.

Not everyone gave me bad advice. Some people gave me great advice and I followed what they told me to do. When I did, I managed to get results, but what’s most noteworthy is when I switched to using a simple strategy.

That strategy is not to chase every new SEO (Search Engine Optimization) technique out there but to decide on one plan, a simple plan and stick with it.

During that testing time, I tried taking strategies that worked for one person and mixing them with strategies that worked for another. Surprisingly, many times I found that mixing the strategies turned into a negative result, not a positive.

Here’s the epiphany! There are many ways to do SEO and be successful, but mixing plans can turn a good strategy bad. Still, you have to fail to find success or you’ll never reach your potential.

Let’s take that thought further… Mixing a strategy has as much potential to give a better result as it does to give a bad result. The good news is, usually, is that you can reproduce your great results by simply going back to the strategy you started with if it is above the board.

Being above the board is critical for long-term SEO success… You are bound to see negative results during your process, even when you do everything right. When this happens, don’t panic. This is often a temporary setback and will self-correct, especially when your blog is new. Just stay on the legit path and your going to see it all work out.

Most importantly, keep your strategy simple so you can manage your growth. You’ll find long-lasting results happening faster without the roller coaster from the fly-by-night strategies that many so-called “SEO Guru’s” profess to have.

Lastly, I use tools that cost money, some of them $100 a month. There’s a reason for that. In the second month, my case study blog paid for itself and in the third month, made money. It’s a small price to pay upfront for an immediate return.

Watch the menu in my blog as it’s about to change. I’m going to tell you what I’m doing, what I’m using to do it, and what the stages are. This is a simple strategy that requires a commitment that will have you building a successful blog in just a few months.