Blog Maintenance Plan

Blog Maintenance is a huge issue for any blogger who doesn’t document everything in their blog. Unfortunately, very few bloggers take the time necessary, including me. With endless combinations and setups, Blog Maintenance plans are sure to gain focus. Essentially, the plan is a white paper, documenting all the work that happens in the site.

Blog Maintenance Issues

  • Plugin Update Conflicts
  • Incomplete Code
  • Incomplete Links
  • Widget Formatting
  • Image Sizing and Format Issues
  • Duplicate Page Titles
  • Duplicate Permalinks
  • Endless Redirects
  • Multiple Administrators

Most newbies along with many professional bloggers never consider a Blog Maintenance plan, just like most Entrepreneurs never write a Business Plan until they need funding. In both cases, it doesn’t seem important until the house is burning down.

Surprisingly, I can’t think of anyone that has ever suggested creating a Blog Maintenance plan, but I can think of several so-called experts that have said I don’t need a business plan. Do you think we could make the case a Blog Maintenance Plan is a business plan?

Maybe you’ve got a great blog, but for whatever reason, don’t have the resources to turn the kind of revenue your blog should make. You know exactly what the issue is, so you disclose it in your blog Maintenance Plan. Chances are, somebody will pay you more money because they know exactly how to build more revenue into the site.

My primary reason for writing this post is because like most people, I didn’t do a blog maintenance plan and I’m paying the price. It slowed the process of making money on sites that should be generating a substantial income. Slowly, the revenues are increasing, but it sucks to look back at how many hours I have wasted.

Chances are you’re not going to implement a Blog Maintenance program until it becomes inevitable, but if you’re site becomes successful, you will look back and wish you had!