Don’t Take My Advice

Really, You shouldn’t take my advice, it might work out better than you think.

We all know the saying, “Advice is worth what you pay for it!” Well, take my advice, even that’s a stretch. We can pay people a lot of money for their advice, but how do we know they are qualified to give it?

In my opinion, the greatest problem with advice, is most advice is bad advice offered by well-intentioned people who want to help us out. My next biggest problem with advice, isn’t the advice, it is the people who are offering the advice.

Daily,  I get unsolicited advice from people telling me how I could make my life better, despite the advice giver, being a total disaster. Sometimes, I think they are trying to help me do worse, so they make themselves feel better about their own mess.

Advice From Qualified People

The other side of getting advice is ignoring great advice from people qualified to give it.  Strangely enough, those of us who take advice from people who are offering poor advice, are also the ones who ignore great advice from people qualified to give it.

I would be willing to bet, this post is on target for most readers. That is because I am talking about practically everyone. We all give advice we are not qualified to give and other people listen to us. On the other side, most people don’t listen when we give advice we are qualified to give!

That is why we do all kinds of stupid things we shouldn’t do, and don’t do the things that make our life easier.

Take My Advice

The next time you get advice, ask yourself, “is this person giving me good advice?” When you think of the answer, listen to your head and your heart, giving equal weight, and chances are, you will do the right thing.