Early Bird White boarding Day 2

Eric Nagel hosted the Early Bird White Boarding Session with Eric Nagel on Day 2. Some of the suggestion made included using a single navigation bar as opposed to two navigation bars when possible.

I had Eric take a look at the Shark Tank Blog to see if he could give improvement ideas. We discussed adding a light box sign-up form to the site. He made the point he hates light box sign-ups as a user, but as a marketer loves them. The light box works, even though it is slightly annoying. If done right, it’s a minor inconvenience and helps bloggers monetize the site. Overall, everybody wins.

Eric suggested changing how we present our affiliate links. For example we had “Buy Shark Tank Episodes” when we could be using “Watch Shark Tank Episodes”.  Our link went to Amazon where Prime members are able to watch many shows for free. This is great advice.

Another topic is forums. We have plans to add forums to some of our sites and Eric has extensive forum installation experience. His advice, go right for VBulletin, which is a premium product.

Forum plugins often are cumbersome and have many technical issues. According to Eric, VBulletin is the most reliable solution, justifying the upfront cost of the license.

Eric is a programmer and writes his own code. This makes him extremely valuable, especially when you combine this talent with his marketing ability.

The next time you attend the Affiliate Summit Conferences, you should get up early and connect with Eric Nagel at the Early Bird White Boarding Sessions. Bring your business card and website address. Eric will put it up on the screen for an in-session review and discussion.

As soon as the Affiliate Summit Conference is over, you’ll be hard at work implementing all the great ideas that Eric and others helped you to discover.