Entrepreneurial Distractions

Entrepreneurs are impacted by constant distractions. ¬†They exist as humans, animals, tv’s email, weather and so on.

Bob Parsons, founder of GoDaddy, says that when you have a distraction, you need to deal with it now, and get it out of the way. Letting it simmer while trying to do your work leaves you doing a poor job.

Find your time to get your work done when you won’t be distracted, and then step into that time being as fresh as possible. Get those distractions out of the way, so you feel good about getting your work done.

It makes a huge difference when you can knock out those little irritating things that keep coming up, and just think, you can focus on bigger irritating things (hopefully not the case)!

Parsons joked that he made it a point to never answer the phone unless it was his wife! When you answer the phone, you have less control over the conversation, so he has the caller leave a message instead.

email is another distraction, that interferes with our work. Why not just shut the email down, and only check it once or twice a day? Imagine how much more you will do if you aren’t looking at your email every other second!

Keep in mind, there are only 24 hours in a day, and 7 days in a week. When you are focused, you are able to get a lot done during that time, but if you have constant distractions, you’ll never get anywhere fast.

Free yourself up and watch your productivity and happiness go through the roof. Imagine not having the stress of everything weighting heavily on your mind. It’s possible, and from my experience, getting focused and letting go makes what seems like forever, turn into an extremely short amount of time.

Facing your distractions isn’t anymore painful than our avoidance. The good news is, we get to relief when we put the distractions to bed.

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