Google Adsense Blocks Make Blog Profitable

Inserting Google Adsense blocks in your blog is likely the easiest way to get started making money online. Everyone from newbies to seasoned, professional bloggers use Google Adsense to generate revenue. Getting started with Google Adsense is easy, especially if you already have a gmail account and a website (or blog) hosted on your own domain. WordPress users are able to install plugins that automatically insert advertisements in strategic places.

Your content must comply with Google Adsense terms and conditions. A simple rule of thumb is to make sure there is contrast between the advertisements and other content on your site. Google Adsense frowns and even disables sites that seem to blend links into other content.

Code placed on your blog picks up signals from the content and tells Google Adsense what advertisements are best displayed on your site. Advertisements are more relevant over time as more data is collected.

You earn a commission when a reader clicks through to advertisements displayed in Google Adsense. Each commission is added to your account. A minimum threshold must be met in order to receive a payment the following month. If the threshold is not met, the total is then added to the next month and accumulates until the threshold has been met.

Google Adsense Pay By Click

Google Adsense pays by the click. Click values vary, depending on what the advertiser bid for the position. Try not to click on the advertisements placed on your site. You will not be credited for the click (Google detects and removes credit from the same IP address), and your traffic may be monitored.

Some publishers will click on their own links, thinking they will increase their commission. Google Adsense takes this very seriously. They have a fraud prevention team that will catch publishers who actively practice this type of activity.