Jesse Watters Blog World Appearance

Jesse Watters, a Fox News Reporter/Producer for O’Reilly Factor, went to BlogWorld NMX at the Javitt Center in New York City. He interviewed several people attending the conference including Super Affiliate, Zac Johnson.

Fox News Reporter, Jesse Watters, a weekly segment on the O’Reilly Factor, which airs weeknights at 7 Central. Recently, he made a trip over to the Javetts Center in New York City while was happening.

Watters interviewed celebrity bloggers, Zach Johnsona and Lewis Howes, two very successful bloggers.

Watters’ specialty is being condescending so anybody that watches O’Reilly Factor should expect that in the report. The worst is saying you love O’Reilly Factor and not being able to say what your favorite part of the show… If you don’t know, you’re getting called out.
Zac  Johnson Speaking With Jesse Watters BlogWorld NMX

It appeared to me that Watters stunned Zac Johnson with the question, Do you still lived at home with your parents. Johnson answered politely and without sarcasm, something that I’m sure Watters was not anticipating.

Jesse Watters worked really hard to find stuff that would rattle, but he didn’t get it in my opinion. That says a bit about the blogging industry, although it’s clear Blog World had few people who watch the O’Reilly Factor.

Zac Johnson talked about the appearance on his blog and did an guest post at John Chow’s blog. He’s questioning what Fox News knows about blogging.

I think it’s great that Zac is encouraging bloggers to send comments to Bill O’Reilly. O’Reilly goes through viewers mail every night, reviewing interesting comments. Unfortunately, our comments are not likely to get aired as too much time has gone by since the Blog World episode.

I’m glad that Watters didn’t find some big controversy at BlogWorld. He proved to be a little too condescending in the interviews, but the great exposure is worth appearing on the show.

I’m not that big on the celebrity factor, but Watters is extremely entertaining and would be a fascinating guy to know.