Resource Directory

Website Hosting:

Netwisp* – The guys at Netwisp are my hosting providers. I have a VPS (Virtual Private Server) that has all of my domains and websites. They are my source for the last two years, and the performance is great. I found them when Rae Hoffman( suggested I try them. Having a VPS server requires more knowledge than CPANEL and/or FTP, however, I would never discourage anyone who wants to learn, just don’t do it with your live website.

WPEngine - If I were looking for web hosting for one site I would use a company called WPEngine. I have personally used their services, and I follow them regularly. They are known as a boutique hosting company, in that they specialize in WordPress sites and offer outstanding speed and reliability. Plans start at $30/month, which is more than adequate for almost any site.

Website/blogging software:

  • WordPress* – This is an awesome tool that is so versatile everyone from hobby bloggers to major companies use WordPress to build their blogs and websites. It’s free too!
  • Genesis Framework* – This is an awesome optimized and efficient base theme for WordPress. Genesis features well over 50 Child Themes that are available and install on top of Genesis Framework for WordPress. They are unique designs, and make building your blog or website easier than ever.