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My website is powered by WordPress, a reliable and free content management system, featuring frequent automatic updates. According to Forbes Magazine, over 60 Million websites are powered by WordPress. Personally, I like WordPress as a content management system because it is so versatile, and yet so easy to use. WordPress is extremely reliable too, and you don’t have to be a webmaster to use this content management system.

A major reason people use websites powered by WordPress is how easy it is to customize your look and function, without worrying about breaking your website. Even in the worst case scenario, novice users easily find help from more experienced users to fix problems in minutes, unlike older antiquated website templates that often took days to fix. Now, most every design starts with a simple template package that is modified to fit your needs.

I use a template package also known as a framework offering well over 50 base designs. The Genesis Framework by Studio Press provides a superb foundation for anyone building a new blog or website and is extremely easy to install.

Genesis Framework Powered by WordPress

You can get the   Genesis Framework and install it in your WordPress configuration through your administration panel. Once your control panel is open, look down the left hand side menu and select the themes button. Once the page opens, select “upload”, then click the browse button and locate the Genesis Framework on your hard drive. If you don’t have the Genesis Framework, go to Studio Press and you can obtain the current version. Save it to your desktop or folder of choice. Once you have selected the zipped file, hit “upload” in the WordPress Themes Control Panel. The template will automatically install and notify you when updates are available. The Genesis Framework features automatic updates, making it extremely easy to keep the latest software on your website.

You will see a link that you will click on titled “Upload.” Click on the browse button and select the zipped file containing Genesis Framework from your hard drive. Simply click the install tab and  WordPress does the rest. If you do not have Genesis Framework, you can purchase it from Studio Press, the folks who make the themes.

Surprisingly, more people don’t build their own WordPress sites. Instead, they pay designers thousands of dollars for their site. You would be surprised, but designers typically use a template somebody else built. They modify it slightly and then charge you a lot of money.

People who build their own website powered by WordPress know how to make the site work. People who have others build them use the WordPress site less, defeating the purpose for having the site in the first place. Once you understand the process, you can focus on building great content, which you have to do anyway, if you are expecting to maximize your return on investment.

I will be making more notes for websites powered by WordPress and available features.