Struggling Entrepreneur Seeks Help

Last week, I got an email from a struggling entrepreneur who came across my blog. He wants insight into the life and struggles of a serial entrepreneur. His problem is sticking on a business idea long enough to turn it into a real business. He specifically talks about idea paralysis (many ideas floating in your mind at once, making it difficult to choose one) issues bloggers frequently face. He asks if I can help him build momentum.

I know how this struggling entrepreneur feels. All of the issues he describes are common issues we entrepreneurs face. I also know the solutions is not so easy, but my goal is to help him address them, allowing him to make progress.

Entrepreneurs lack patience, “Ready, Fire, Aim”, we fear no action is dangerous. We differ from most people who won’t act for fear of what will happen. Smart entrepreneurs know Calculated Risk is best. Take action, but plan first.

The reader doesn’t appear to be taking action. I doubt he has found the right idea which is why he has not been driven to action.

It sounds like you’re not taking action because you can’t find the right idea. It’s remarkably easy to get excited about an idea and then talk yourself out of it before you get started.

Struggling Entrepreneur Needs List

Make a list of your business ideas you feel will provide the most value to everyone. Start writing a business plan around the business idea that you picked. Stay focused on that idea until you finish the plan. Don’t start the business unless you have a clear path to profitability. If it is impossible for you to finish the plan, move on to the next idea. Establish some rules around writing the plan before you start. That way, you’ll have more reason to finish the plan.

A business plan showing profit makes starting a new business easy. Momentum will take hold, and you will no longer be a struggling entrepreneur.