Three To Five Keyword Phrases Work Best

Here’s a big secret to growing blog traffic fast! Focus on three to five keyword phrases and forget about the one to two keyword searches, especially for brand new blogs.

Search Engine Optimization for the shorter single keyword or keyword phrase is highly competitive and is likely been covered by seasoned bloggers. Instead, focus on the low hanging fruit, which may end up getting you more traffic than those that have established blogs.

We’ve proven that by focusing on the longer (long-tail) keyword phrase, we can grow a blog to as many as 100,000 or more views in as little as ninety days!  Not many people are able to say that, even fewer are able to document it.

If you start by focusing on the long-tail keyword search, you’ll find more loyal readers who are specifically seeking the information you’re offering. Long-tail keyword phrases allow readers to search in different combinations for the same idea. That’s great for you as you’ll show up in more searches.

More importantly, your audience will be searching for the specific topic that your post is about. That means they are more likely to convert and turn into revenue.

People who search for a single keyword, or shorter keyword phrase are often looking for different information than what you’re providing. That’s because words in different combinations often have many meanings. It’s possible that people who search for a single keyword will find your site irrelevant to what they are looking for.

Long-term keyword phrases bring more qualified audiences. After all, it’s not how many people who you get to your site, it’s how many engaged people you get to your site.

Spend extra time working on your long-term keyword phrase and you’ll notice a significant improvement in frequent visitors to your blog or website.