How To Write A Great Blog Post

Can you write a great blog post every time you set down at your computer? How valuable would that be to you and bloggers everywhere. Still don’t believe me?  Hey I’ve written enough bad blogs to know what not to do, and so have most bloggers. So here’s a simple formula designed to write a great blog post.

Keep in mind, I would start writing with no clear message, or ending in mind. I spent time dumping on my readers, telling them what I know, but not focusing on what they want to know. Most bloggers do the same thing.

I started thinking, if I am to write a great blog post, I need an outcome that delivers a solid message. My posts weren’t accomplishing this as they rambled on, and sending readers to other blogs. That didn’t sit well with me.

A friend of mine, often uses the phrase, “The more you know, the less you know!” As I thought of this, I realized the premise is more education leaves us with more questions. If I am to write a great blog post, I need to use questions to form my answers. More importantly, I need a series of questions that tie up into the central idea and deliver the right answer.

Structure Of Great Blog Post

The best blog posts seem to have sections with titles, or in blogging terms, headings that support the main idea. Each heading should answer a question that draws readers to a desired outcome. The content in each section is really a subsection which makes titles of subsections, known as subheadings. The process of drawing readers to the conclusion is a funnel like activity, drawing them to a central message wrapped around a desired outcome.

My mission to write a great blog post is starting to come together. I have a topic, and I have several supporting headings, known as subheadings that are driving the topic, “How To Write A Great Blog Post”, to a desired outcome.

Now that, I have used questions to create answers to create my subsections, I need to proof the content, looking for spelling errors, grammatical mistakes.

Editing A Great Blog Post

Fortunately, I found a great solution to this issue. I went to Grammarly, a tool that checks spelling, grammar and any other issues associated with writing. It helps make my content look professional and I am becoming a better writer as it offers advice while finding my mistakes.

There you have it, that’s how I am learning to write a great blog post!